Officina Stellare

Professional Telescopes

Telescopes and Astrographs

With the choice of three different optical schemes for telescopes, all available in the 400 to 800 mm aperture range, and the extraordinary family of "RH Veloce" astrographs (200 to 350 mm aperture) it is really unlikely we don't have the instrument that fits your need.

All telescopes have a carbon/aluminum structure (full carbon as an option) and offer the choice between standard optical glass and near-zero expansion ceramic glass for the mirrors. All models are available with 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm primary mirror diameter.

Our most professional line, a fine tuned Ritchey Cassegrain design

Purely reflective scheme, low obstruction, usually f/8, it is the perfect choice for professionals. Focal reducer and field flattener are available as options. Longer f/ ratios upon request.

With a jaw-dropping f/3.8 focal ratio, the RiFast are the ultimate telescopes for wide field astrophotography

The unique 3-lens field flattener allows wide flat focal planes, 80 mm or even more in diameter. Two-stage light shield as standard on the secondary mirror.

The "universal" telescope. With a balanced f/7 focal ratio and the 2-lens field flattener

It offers a good compromise between obstruction and focal ratio. Two-stage light shield as standard on the secondary mirror, allows lower obstruction for the same focal plane illumination. Reducer available for f/5 operation.

A family of astrographs (200, 250, 300 and 350 mm), all at f/3 (only the 250 model is f/5.6)

Intended primarily for the advanced amateurs, they have been used also by professionals for wide field surveys. Named “the Holy Grail of astrophotography” by Sky&Telescope, they are the real heritage of the glorious Schmidt cameras, ready for the 21th century CCDs.

Officina Stellare is very proud to present a new mount for telescopes up to 80cm (or smaller telescopes arrays with a total payload up to more than 300Kgs in equatorial mode), available both in equatorial and alt/az version.

Officina Stellare develops and manufactures high end accessories for the whole telescope’s line. They are all made in Italy, respecting our high quality standards.

All telescopes share the following mechanical characteristics:

  • Two (optionally four) Losmandy or 8″ dovetail plates, to connect the telescope to your mount, or to accommodate accessories.
  • Computer optimized baffles.
  • Focal plane tilt adjusting.
  • Optional shutter to protect the primary mirror.
  • High precision spherical joint and high strength carbon tubes in the truss structure for zero-backlash assembly and extraordinary rigidity.
  • Double concentric light shield for the secondary mirror/spider support.
  • Radial micrometric adjustment for the secondary mirror support.
  • All collimation screws are spring-loaded, with lock if needed.
  • Zero image shift secondary mirror movement, with electronic/PC control (optional on smaller telescopes, standard in the big ones).
  • Special ultra-dark and ultra-opaque space-grade paint for all sensible parts. Space grade glue for glued parts. Space-grade rubber for all seals.
  • Unique mirror supports design.
  • Wide choice of focusers, filter wheels, and optical train accessories in general.
  • Customization available.