Opto-Mechanical System



Precision Optics

Officina Stellare Optical Labs are fully equipped for the manufacturing and testing of precision optics.

  • Mirrors and Lenses up to 1.6 m optics
  • Large plano and spherical components
  • Large aspheres, on-and off-axis
  • Free-form optics
  • Surface accuracy λ/10 PV or better, 10 nm RMS or better
  • Materials: Schott Zerodur ©, Ohara ClearCeramZ-HS ©, Fused Silica and various optical lens materials.
The ESO VLT MOONS lenses
The ESO VLT MOONS lenses

Thanks to the optical manufacturing lab, a skilled AIV team, working with state-of-the-art technologies, the full optical production cycle is kept in-house with remarkable cost savings for our customers. You can partner with us to ensure the precision components provided meet the specifications. From design assessment, through consultation, to manufacturing and testing, our team will work to meet your needs.

Precision Mounts and Assemblies

  • Lens and mirror assemblies 
  • Custom solutions
  • Optical and mechanical design
  • Accurate tip/tilt stages for vertical, horizontal, and tilted setups 
  • Vacuum compliant mounts 

Light-weight Mirrors

  • Large mirror substrates up to 1.2 m
  • Complex geometries (5-axis milling machine)
  • Chemical etching available
  • Custom optimization of mirror geometry by FEA 


  • Many interferometric capabilities
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Large interferometric vertical test tower
  • Long optical bench setups
  • Spectrophotometers