Providing high-tech, precision pointing
and tracking systems for the Defense

Weapon and Video Tracking, “counter-drone” defense systems technologies.


Opto-mechanical systems as precision tools for the Defense Industry.

The know-how gained in Research and Development of scientific instrumentation for Astronomy, Astrophysics and the Aerospace domains, has enabled Officina Stellare to deliver high-tech opto-mechanical systems for the Defense industry and specifically for high speed video-tracking infrastructures at strategic test facilities.

Officina Stellare has long been a qualified supplier of optical systems for the Defense industry.
They are used, for example, in testing facilities to provide very high frame rate videos of the flight behavior of supersonic targets. Therefore, they are veritable measuring and calibration instruments, having, on one hand a very high optical quality and on the other, a mechanical solidity to withstand great dynamic stresses. The production of Officina Stellare Spa in this field has long passed the most stringent tests, gaining the trust of many users all over the world.

This type of instrumentation has multiple uses, from the most classic products used for the characterization and development of ballistic targets, to the most modern applications related to safety and Direct Energy technologies.
The market connected to these devices is going through an extremely favorable time, on the one hand due to the necessary generational turnover of the installations in the testing facilities, on the other, for the new security and protection needs caused by new generation threats (counter-drone defense  systems technologies).
Officina Stellare provides opto-mechanical equipment for Video-Tracking  to prominent Defense industry operators worldwide.

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