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By “Space 4.0” we refer to the opportunities that will arise in the future thanks to a growing accessibility of the Space domain. The “Space Democratisation” will foster a new market segment open to a diversified pool of potential customers.

Space will no longer be the place in which big institutional players achieve niche or research related success, but  it will become a place in which applications will be made possible to the benefit of everyone’s dayly life.

Applications for this young market include: EO | LC | SSA

Earth Observation is  one of the pillars on which the New Space Economy founds itself. The availability of high-resolution multi or hyper-spectral images of the Earth surface consent operators to gather a wide range of information and data, thanks to algorithms which are often based on Artificial Intelligence. 

Satellites-based data are becoming a fundamental part of daily decision-making for governments, businesses and individuals in the planet willing to face the world’s most pressing problems. Earth Observation data infact allow the operators to build an accurate an up to date picture of the planet and the many forces that reshape it every day. 

High-resolution orbiting optical systems (Earth resolution < 1m), can therefore efficiently serve a variety of civil applications, vital for national security interests, economic growth and operational independence.

Officina Stellare is one of the fewest companies to have successfully paved the way to large satellite constellations for Earth Observation, thanks to a full in-house TRL-9 expertise on cost-effective, high performance, high replicability and reliability design space telescopes for Earth surface imaging. Among the final applications that low-orbit earth imaging consent, we find Defense and Security, Disaster Monitoring, Smart Agriculture, Sea and Borders control, Forest monitoring, Finace and Risk management.

Officina Stellare in order to face the demanding requirements imposed by world-players operating in the Space domain, has obtained “space qualification” on space material testing.



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