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Ground-based Optical Systems

These are exciting times for astronomers and scientists: advanced technologies and sophisticated techniques allows them to study objects at the far edge of the Universe and to detect evidence for planets and stars in an unprecedented way

For over two decades Officina Stellare has been at the forefront of the most ambitious and challenging design and engineering, delivering turn key solutions for Astronomical and Scientific Research.

Officina Stellare products are known for their highly advanced technology and great competitiveness. Time-to-Market, versatility, results achieved and the in-house control over most of the value chain make the company uniquely positioned to stand out on the market.

From R&D to manufacturing and quality control, Officina Stellare is one of the very few companies worldwide to have the full production cycle of telescopes, opto-mechanical and aerospace instrumentation in-house.

Whether it is one of our “standard” systems or a completely customized item, the oversight of the value chain enables Officina Stellare  to better manage risks, maximise efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts.

Officina Stellare offers the full in-house design and manufacturing capability of opto-mechanical components, up to 1.60m in diameter and works on particularly demanding applications, both for refractive and reflective elements, from UV to SWIR.

The company is equipped with clean room areas to meet space demanding requirements for integration of space compliant  systems and subsystems (350 square meters ISO 5, 7 and 8 clean rooms)

Officina Stellare offers a full range of in house metrological and acceptance test procedures, thanks to the full availability of instrumentation, tools and jigs, including shaker and TVAC.

We can work as a one-stop shop provider, meeting end users’ requirements directly, thus reducing risks, being more flexible, quick and smart on the approach to the project.

We provide custom-design, research grade, fully featured complete instruments, ranging from 20 to 100cm diameter, for the astronomical research, SSA, Laser Comm, weapon ranges and video-tracking.

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