WMT – 1m Wide Field Mufara Telescope

The WMT, placed on top of the Mufara Mount (1865mt asl), inside the Madonie Natural reserve in Sicily, will be one of the most advanced telescopes operating in Italy.

One meter in diameter, f/2.15 focal ratio, the prime focus equipped with a large 5-lens corrector, (the largest lense with a diameter of 33 cm and a curvature close to f/0.8), a sophisticated derotation system and an innovative automated filter slider capable to accommodate 150 mm side filters and an imaging system based on a cryogenic camera measuring over 90 square centimeters and 100 Mpixel, placed at the top of current technology: this is, in short, the #WMT, Wide Field Mufara Telescope.

The #WMT was entirely designed, built and integrated by #OfficinaStellareSpA for modern wide-field astronomical surveys, for the identification of potentially dangerous NEOs (Near Earth Objects), for Space Situational Awareness programs (tracking of satellites and the ” space debris “) and more generally for the research applications of the so-called “transient”phenomena.

CUSTOMER: Comune di Isnello
LOCATION: Isnello (PA), Sicily – Italy