RiFAst 300

Our RiFAST300 is a new revolutionary astrographer for every avid astrophotographer. RiFAST is an optical scheme proprietary of Officina Stellare, designed by Massimo Riccardi. It’s an optical design devoted to astrophotography, in a new revolutionary way. The 3 elements flattener is placed near focus position, to avoid any chromatic aberration. RiFAST is a precise design to make astrophotography smarter.


  • 300 mm
  • F/3.8
  • 1140 mm
  • 57%
  • 60 mm
  • 20 Kg
  • 125 mm

We are proud to introduce the new RiFAST300. Compared to it’s processor, the new 2018 version has a closed carbon tube, a simpler mechanic, has lost 6Kgs from the previous truss version, and incorporates a new tip tilt with a mechanical zero position. 


The scope is a native f/3.8 with a flat field up to 60mm. Interestingly the scope has the possibility to use a dedicated 0.78x reducer (XTFR078) and 1.5x extender (XTFE15-300). So the instrument can be used from f/3 through f/5.7 with a corrected field of 42mm with both accessories. It can be 3 instruments in 1! 


Focal length

Corrected Field


RiFAST 300 without any optical accessories


1.140 mm

60 mm

125 mm

RiFAST 300 with optional 0.78x reducer


889 mm

42 mm

68.5 mm

RiFAST 300 with optional 1.5x extender


1710 mm

42 mm

170.1 mm

RiFAST300 is an universal astrograph. It will follow every need, through seasons and different deep sky objects. No other instrument on the market, in the 300mm class, can do that. You don’t have to buy more/different instruments to cover diverse deep sky objects across the year’s astrophotography seasons.  Simply get your RiFAST300  equipped with optional reducer/extender and have more fun, while saving money! 


RiFAST300 is the first versatile astrograph to  follow your needs and save your money: stop buying several different OTA’s! Extreme lightweight, only 20 Kgs, it’s still extreme portable under every dark sky. As with other Officina Stellare Astrographs, it shares the same sturdy mechanic, optimized for 300mm size. Optics are completely made in our facility to keep complete control of the production process which is the only way to provide highest quality to our customers. 


Optional XTFR078 0.78x reducer and XTFE15-300 extender are completely designed by our Master Optician Massimo Riccardi, guaranteeing highest performance available for your images. 


No other instrument in the market has the same flexibility maintaining the highest optical quality available on the market.  3 instruments is 1, with the same great optical and mechanical quality provided by Officina Stellare. 


RiFAST is an optical scheme proprietary of Officina Stellare, designed by Massimo Riccardi. It’s an optical design devoted to astrophotography, in a new revolutionary way. The 3 elements flattener is placed near focus position, to avoid any chromatic aberration. RiFAST is a precise design to make astrophotography smarter.

Available with bundle options for reducer/extender.

Optional Accessories: 

  • Upper secondary Losmandy dovetail
  • 0.78x XTFR078 Focal reducer
  • 1.5x XTFE15-300 Focal extender

Adapters from telescope 's backplate to Atlas or Gemini. For TCF-LEO availables soon.


Some great pictures taken with our telescopes.

Overview "RiFast" SERIE

Diffraction-limited over a wide and flat field, the RiFast design will push any camera to its limits... and will do it FAST! The extraordinary f/ ratio allows a higher productivity per night, a significant factor for surveys, SN search, asteroid control, and many other fields of modern astronomy.

The central obstruction is about 50%, but still smaller than similar designs, that simply can't compete under any point of view. The visual contrast is very good, thanks also to the special ultra-dark paints we use.

The corrector group is very close to the focal plane, so chromatic aberration is undetectable.