BiOS Series

BiOS series is the best  choice for advanced astrophotographers or researcher.     


  • RH, RiDK, RiFAst, ProRC
  • from 350mm to 600mm
  • from 980mm to 4800mm
  • F/ RATIO
  • from f/2.8 to f/8
  • Equatorial fork design
  • Absolute on axis
  • Sub 0.1° arc/sec
  • from 0° to 58°
  • The Sky X Pro, Camera Add On, Dome Add On, Tpoint Add on for Mac and Windows

Overview "BiOS Series" SERIE

You can have ProRC,  RiDK and RiFAst series from 400mm to 600mm diameter, and the RH Veloce 350mm, assembled on the Taurus EQ Mount. It’s available in three models, every setup is optimized for an immediate customers usage. 

Applying some improving engineering on the already state of the art Taurus mounts and RiFAst/RiDK/ProRC optical tube assemblies and making possible a perfect match between the parts, the BIOS range represents the most powerful tool an astroimager can imagine.
Taurus mounts are widely known for the reference tracking and pointing performance and can offer to the customers the unsurpassed added value of research grade Tpoint capability and The Sky X based software tools package: The Sky Pro X, Camera Add On, Direct Guide, Super Model, All Sky Image Link, Closed Loop Slews, Dome Add On, TPoint Add On for Mac and Windows and a lot more.
RiFAst, RiDK and ProRC telescopes bring down to Earth the experience of a company able to manufacture aerospace telescopes for challenging critical applications.
The mount is equipped with hi resolution absolute encoders on-axis, this means, after a TPoint model has been made, a great pointing and tracking precision. And it’s very easy to install as well, thanks to compact design. Our telescopes needs a very powerful mount to get the best in terms of optical performance and that was the best choice. What you need to use an Officina Stellare RiDK, RiFAst or ProRC

You can choose between the following models:

  • - RiFAst 400/500/600 with Taurus EQ Mount
  • - RiDK 400/500/600 with Taurus EQ Mount
  • - ProRC 400/500/600 with Taurus EQ Mount
  • - Veloce RH350 with Taurus EQ Mount.

Is the mount the same for each diameter? The answer is simple: no, because Taurus EQ Mount is available in 3 different models, each one differing from the others for its carry capability. We’ll provide the right one with each telescope, so customer doesn’t have to worry about creating his setup.

New models are coming soon, to create the most complete advanced telescope line.