An evolution of the Dall-Kirkham design, the RiDK is probably the most "universal" family in our catalog, and the most affordable. With a f/7 native focal ratio, the RiDK (Riccardi Dall-Kirkham) represents the new reference point for all modified Dall-Kirkham instruments available on the market. The unique experience and creativity of Massimo Riccardi, Chief Optical Designer at Officina Stellare, created this new family of telescopes. with superior performance and image quality.

RiDK 400

Focal length 2800 mm (112'')
Focal ratio F/7

RiDK 500

Focal length 3500 mm (140'')
Focal ratio F/7

RiDK 600

Focal length 4200 mm (165'')
Focal ratio F/7

RiDK 700

Focal length 4900 mm (193'')
Focal ratio F/7

RiDK 800

Focal length 5600 mm (220'')
Focal ratio F/7