Signed new contract with ImageSat International for a multispectral optical payload for Earth Observation

OFFICINA STELLARE SpA has signed a new contract with the Israeli ISI – ImageSat International, for an innovative multispectral optical payload intended for a pioneering 50 cm resolution earth observation satellite.

The orbital imaging system, we will deliver by the end of 2022, is intended for an innovative set of monitoring and intelligence services that the customer will offer to end users.

ISI-ImageSat International, in fact, is a world leader in Space based intelligence solutions, providing services based on the EROS NG™ (Next Generation) earth observation satellite constellation. The very high resolution images obtained by the space telescope designed and built by Officina Stellare, will guarantee a GSD (Ground Sampled Distance) of 50cmper pixel, and will represent a giant leap forward compared to the existing payloads currently in orbit.
we are really proud of this achievement – declares Gino Bucciol Head of Business Development at OS – particularly pleased with two aspects: on the one hand, Officina Stellare almost unique qualities have been recognized not only in terms of design, but of management of the entire production cycle, on the other, Officina Stellare Space Factory confirms its industrial growth and it is becoming an important player not only in the market of high-tech aerospace components, but also for complete imaging systems

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