Officina Stellare is proud to announce acquisition of German company Knaeble Optical Systems.

Knaeble is a well known German company appreciated for their professional full carbon and titanium RC telescopes. Knaeble will continue to be based in Berlin and being independent from Officina Stellare.

The RC line will be redesigned,  but maintaining  the same “German quality”.  Price will change from the actual ones. The new line gets in the middle between inexpensive Chinese telescopes and expensive Professional RC from Officina Stellare. It will be the perfect choice for every user demanding for a higher quality telescope, without being expensive like a professional one.

Diameters available:

  • 300mm f/8 (closed full carbon tube)
  • 350mm f/8 (truss full carbon tube)
  • 400mm f/8 (truss full carbon tube)
  • 500mm f/8 (truss full carbon tube – available soon)

All telescopes are pure RC optical scheme, with dedicated corrector available as optional. Will be ready, in the next future, a new RC reducer designed and manufactured from Officina Stellare.

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