Officina Stellare Facts | WE18

As the year ends, we would like to wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with abundant joy and treasured moments.

May 2019 be your best year yet!

It is also a good time to look back at what happened during 2018, a remarkable year for Officina Stellare, and draw some conclusions.

2018 meant a lot to us...

During this year, Officina Stellare has consolidated its leadership in the fields of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Big Science. It gained prestigious positions in the near Space and Defense segments, thanks to outstanding international projects and partnerships. Officina Stellare confirms itself as a key partner in the international industrial panorama for the realization, in house, of scientific instrumentation and space integrated systems - optical payloads. 

At the beginning of December, Officina Stellare converted its legal form into S.P.A. (Private Limited Company) making a new step forward towards the consolidation of a path, not yet finished, in the perspective of being awarded increasingly large contracts and more and more ambitious projects. 
For this reason, the number of employees has increased esponentially - our fair contribution to the Italian brain gain! - Not only mechanical and aerospace engineers, but also specialists in the field of optics and space instrumentation designers. Among the other things, we are expanding the headquarters spaces to increase our manufacturing capabilities.

Optical Telescopes

Officina Stellare continues achieving great results in the field of optical telescopes, its historic core business. The enhanced metrology capabilities, the improved optics internal production and the knowhow gained thanks to the involvement into outstanding international research projects, have enabled us to face any kind of research grade query.
Whether its professional astronomy research, surveys for SSA/SST (Space Situational Awareness/Space Surveillance and Tracking), or custom made productions, our skilled engineering team will be able to evaluate and suggest the best solution possible. Some of our major achievements are represented by the wide field 1mt class telescope, now in its final integration phase that will soon be installed inside the Madonie Regional natural Park in Sicily – Italy; our innovative, cost effective solutions for stratosphere based scientific applications, a large diameter, high resolution solar telescope for the Yunnan Observatory, the multi-telescope systems for wide field imaging and the laboratory, large size, reference instrumentation/collimators (OGSE and MGSE).

Earth Observation

The processes and the technologies developed and tested by Officina Stellare during these years, have enabled the creation of an internal Business Unit fully dedicated to the modern necessities of the Space Economy and which represents, as of today, one of the company most important and solid product range.
In-house design, production and integration, as well as, high quality, smart design, cost efficiency and high throughput, are some of the main strengths of our offering. Thanks to the space compliant optical payloads offered by OS, Space accessibility and the use of the enormous development potentialities that the space based assets consent, are certainly easier and cost effective!

Laser communications

The ability of being forward-looking and therefore responsive to the needs of the scientific and research world, has always been one of the Officina Stellare main features. New solutions will have to be investigated and experimented and a brand new approach towards communication and its necessary technology infrastructures will have to be conceived.
Officina Stellare with its optical design and production capabilities is already moving in that direction, working tightly with the research teams who are about to outline this essential game changer technology.