Final Integration phases for the ESO MOONS lenses

eso vlt moons final integration phases

We are taking you to the heart of Officina Stellare, where our sophisticated optical systems take shape.

These are the final stages of integration of the #MOONS corrector, the optical and infrared spectrograph intended for Yepun, one of the four 8-meter telescopes of #ESO’s Very Large Telescope, installed in Chile.

Moons – Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph – will collect spectroscopic information from many objects simultaneously, will observe both galactic and extra-galactic stars and objects, working on both the visible light and the near infrared wavelengths. Among its scientific goals, there will also be the study of the chemical composition of exoplanets atmospheres.

OfficinaStellare has produced entirely in-house the one meter diameter lenses (!) designed to correct the quality of the focus on the focal plane of the instrument. A path not without obstacles, which has involved the company in optical and mechanical design activities, in the production and management of the final delicate integration phases.

This challenge has allowed us to develop further skills and to refine already known techniques, growing in the position of international player in the optical and space industry and thus making our contribution to the consolidation of that leadership position in modern technologies that a country like Italy certainly deserves.

We will see Moons at work in the next two decades doing cutting-edge science. And the voice of those who have made this project possible also speaks Italian.

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