New contract for the supply of set of telescopes for Test facility in the Southern Hemisphere

OFFICINA STELLARE SpA is awarded the contract for the supply of a set of medium and long-range telescopes that will be installed in a test facility located in the southern hemisphere.

The contract has a total valyue of approximately 1,500,000.00 USD.

Gino Bucciol, Head of OS’ Business Development stated: “[..] this contract positions us, internationally, among the most important players in the defense sector, a strategic area that we have been overseeing for some years, in which we aim to grow thanks to the consolidated technical-engineering skills and the level of absolute excellence achieved by our opto-mechanical instrumentation.

This result is a further confirmation of the defense industry’s confidence in our industrial model characterized by an almost completely internal value chain that guarantees efficiency, versatility and the ability to optimize production processes.”

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