Company Profile:

OFFICINA STELLARE (OS) is an innovative small-medium sized company based in Sarcedo – Vicenza, active in the design and production of telescopes and opto-mechanical and aerospace instrumentation for Ground and Space based applications.

The company was founded in 2009 by Riccardo Gianni (President), Giovanni Dal Lago (CEO) and Gino Bucciol (Chief Business Development Officer), and it has since grown giving particular importance to the internal production of optics, even large diameter-class optics, thanks to the optical laboratory started after Fabio Rubeo joined the company.

Officina Stellare can easily be referenced worldwide for its expertise in managing complex engineering projects, delivering complete turn-key custom designed optical systems, among the best available on the market today.
Officina Stellare is one of the fewest companies worldwide to have the full production life cycle completely in-house, for the production and put into operation of complex opto-mechanical engineering projects for scientific, research, commercial or defense related purposes, with a specific focus on the New Space Economy. A single reference point for the customers: from specifications drafting to the final acceptance tests, passing through the complex integration and metrological phases, exploiting the maximum efficiency of the supply chain and a better risk management.



Thanks to the high quality of its products, recognized among the best on the market, Officina Stellare has grown rapidly in recent years, increasing revenues in the following sectors:



The internal optical Lab which offers a complete service for design, manufacturing and test of mirrors, lenses and catadioptric systems, up to 1 meter in diameter. The processing is made by using modern CNC machines able to obtain machining accuracy responding to the most demanding applications.

The main facility at the Sarcedo Headquarter, where integration of the optical systems and test activities take place thanks to:

• Interferometric and Shack/Hartmann test based measurements;
• Hi-precision null lenses, CGH, reference spheres and flat mirrors, alignment telescopes;
• CMM machine;
• Ultra precise curvature radii measurement;
• Precision stabilized optical benches.

Large, fully equipped, class ISO 8, 7 and 5 Clean Rooms for integration and test quality control on opto-mechanical systems
The engineering design division offices, where custom projects are first developed
The meeting rooms
The relax area
2 fully automated and remotely controlled observatories for on sky tests and functionality simulations of the observing instrumentation.


Our name, our logo, our payoff

The name "Officina Stellare" if literally translated, means “star workshop”. By this name, we wanted to recall a place where accurate manufacturing is carried out, where assembly, measurement and testing are performed with granular accuracy and passion and where innovative solutions are investigated. It is thanks to all these passages that complex opto-mechanical systems are designed to become research grade scientific instruments for the study of the stars and Space.

Officina Stellare is therefore a workshop in which highly specialized personnel forge technologically advanced scientific instruments for astronomical research and Earth observation from Space.

Officina Stellare is represented by two stars of the Pleiades, drew by Galileo Galilei and published in his masterwork, the “Sidereus Nuncius” in 1710. One of those stars was finally visible thanks to the sensational invention of Galileo Galilei: the telescope. This logo has a clear reference to our mission: giving people more and more advanced tools with which to expand their knowledge about Space and the Universe.

“Our world. Your Space”: Our passion for science, technology, research, at the service of scientific knowledge.
Our "world", that is our work, our passion for science, technology and research, is at the service of our customers and their need to aim at the conquest of "space" and the Universe. To enhance the knowledge or the development of their business within the New Space Economy.