How many details can you think about, in a telescope? Well, from the primary mirror to the smallest screw, any detail of our ProRC line is designed, manufactured and assembled with perfection in mind, to provide you the best image quality available today.

PRO RC 400

Focal length 3200 mm (126")
Focal ratio F/8

PRO RC 500

Focal length 4000 mm (160")
Focal ratio F/8

PRO RC 600

Focal length 4800 mm (192")
Focal ratio F/8

PRO RC 700

Focal length 5600 mm (224")
Focal ratio F/8

PRO RC 800

Focal length 6400 mm (252")
Focal ratio F/8

The ProRC scope is completely free from chromatic aberration, and the performance is the same at any wavelength; the only limit is the coating light reflectivity. Aluminum, silver or gold coatings are available, for a working bandwidth that can easily cover the 350-5000 nm interval.

The ProRC scope has the maximum possible level of light transmission to focal plane (no lenses absorption/reflection/scattering along light path).

These performances make the RC, in most of the cases, the "perfect" scope for professionals, because they are usually interested in working with a visual wavelength range, with max performance over relatively small field of view.